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To initiate return, you can write an email to [email protected].

These contents should be included in your email:                                                      

1. Your full name (the one used to purchase the product)
2. Order number
3. Where you bought it (Store name, city; or link)
4. Purchase Date
5. Product Name
6. Quantity
7. Color
8. Problem description
9. Include image or video features product's state: (please include at least one picture showing us that the product is unopened, unused or unworn)
10. Series Numbers of your owned product

We entertain returns within 60 days from date of purchase only. Terms and Conditions Apply!

 • Products should be unopened, unused or unworn and have packaging or tags intact.
 • Please note that we cannot offer exchanges due to our strict hygiene policy. This is to ensure that all customers can enjoy uncompromised quality of our products, in line with BuyToShop‘s global safety and quality standards.
 • All purchases are covered under our 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects. In extremely rare case, if product gets faulty, we'll offer you replacement within 1 year from the date of purchase.

And once we received the shipping receipt as well as the payment account from you, we will complete the refund and the delivery fee within 7 days.

If you need any further information and to know more about our Terms and Conditions, contact us at: [email protected].